2 Common Charging Mistakes Destroying Your Phone Battery

When you hold an iPhone, one of the most crucial habits you have is how you charge your phone. It can seem like a simple task, but Dangrous

How you charge your phone is one in all the foremost necessary habits you follow once you own

Associate in Nursing iPhone. it’s going to look like a no brainer activity, however your phone’s lithium-ion battery has desires. And if you area unitn’t properly charging it or are creating a number of the foremost common mistakes, you run the danger of damaging your battery or having it work less with efficiency over time. Since there area unit few things a lot of frustrating than a phone that lags or that experiences battery loss when simply a couple of hours of running, it’s time to induce your charging habits so as. begin here: Rajesh Namase, co-founder and skilled technical school blogger at TechRT, outlines 2 common charging mistakes that area unit ruin your phone’s battery.

Namase starts off my language there’s no best follow in charging your mobile phones, a minimum of during this age wherever mobile batteries area unit principally created of metal ions. thereupon aforesaid, here area unit 2 of the foremost common errors he finds:

Charging in an Extreme Temperature

“One of the worst charging mistakes that folks typically build isn’t the actual fact that they’re victimisation their mobile phones whereas charging, it’s the follow of charging your phone throughout extreme temperatures,” Namase says. “The reason why batteries degrade quicker if used whereas being charged is that it generates excessive heat that’s not healthy for the battery.”

Extreme coldness isn’t exempt from this, Namase notes: “Charging your mobile in a very cold atmosphere is additionally dangerous for your batteries.”

Frequent Overcharging

There’s no reason (honestly) to place your phone on a charger any time you have got a free moment. “Although today’s technology incorporates overcharging protection on our phone’s batteries, it’s still not well to overcharge your phone battery typically,” Namase says. “This is as a result of there’s simply a restricted range of the life cycle (full charge and full discharge) A battery has before it degrades its capability to carry a charge and eventually diminishes its lifetime. albeit the overcharge protection is there to guard our batteries, the constant charge and discharge in spite of however minuscule it’s, once done oftentimes, can collect and may cause important injury to the battery.”

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